Saturday, November 29, 2008

My biggest cake order for 2008!

Add a 10kg cake together with...

330 mummy cupcakes and you get...



A yummy 20th Anniversary Celebration for all IKANO co-worker!

Bob the Builder

A special request to combine Bob the Builder and cars for little Marcus.

Devised a road sign with the little boy's name to tie in with the theme.

Mickey Mouse

A trio of mice!

A simple colourful background to let Mickey shine!

Little Einsteins

What's that I see among the sun, grass and flowers?

It's Rocket, Annie, June, Quincy and Leo! Blast off!

Celebrating 40 years...

Cakes & Cupcakes on a 6-tier stand gives you everything you need:
a cake for cutting,
cupcakes for easy distribution,
and a tall display that you can see from afar

Close up of the main cake.

Close up of the cupcakes.


Giant lady bird cake surrounded by a ring of flower cupcakes.

Butterflies & Hearts

Pink and purple are Manisa's favourite colours. The fondant hearts and butterflies make this a stunning showpiece!