Monday, July 27, 2009

Construction Cake

Dumping rocks into the truck...
Are the rocks edible? Yup! It's chocolate!
Construction vehicles are not edible but will make very nice toys to play with for years to come...

Tarring the road...

Digging away at the earth...

The full picture!

Star Wars

The clone wars.
(New to me as I had not seen the cartoon version before)

This 1kg cake is great for school and serves about 25 people.


Here's another cartoon I had not heard of... hehehee...

With pretty flowers on the side for a little girl who's favourite colour is pink.

Ben10 Alien Force

A 2kg cake. The older Ben 10 made from fondant is on his skateboard making his way to Aidan's 6th Birthday Blast!

This is my 2nd Ben 10 as the first one broke! Quite challenging making this pose!

Lots of aliens surrounding his cake.

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