Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's your 1st Birthday!

Luiz turns 1 with a bright colourful cake! Number "1" is made of cake. Teddy bear is a soft toy that the little boy can play with after the cake is enjoyed. Stars are made from fondant so is edible.

A starry theme.

Ben 10 without eggs and dairy!

Had to be super careful with this order and make sure that I did not get any eggs or dairy into any part of the cake as the little boy is allergic to them. Cake is a moist chocolate one which is a little more dense than the normal buttercake since it does not have eggs. Since Jared has been having jelly birthday cakes in the past, I wanted to make sure his first cake was special so was extra careful in making and decorating it. Was very happy to hear that he liked it!

Picture was chosen by the birthday boy!

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