Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bob the Builder & Roley

It's a fondant Roley from the Bob the Builder cartoon on a cake covered with buttercream. He's hard at work trying to smoothen the "poppyseed" road.

And here's Bob to supervise the work. Also made from fondant, he's edible too!

Backhoe Loader

I'm learning all the time as I have only called the above construction vehicle a "digger". So it's backhoe loader from now on or as long as my memory holds up :)

Cake is covered with buttercream and edible choc rocks. Backhoe loader is piped using buttercream.

2D Ultraman

Ultraman again! This time in 2D fondant on a fondant covered cake with lots of clouds and stars which are all edible.

It was fun seeing Lucas's reaction to his cake and finding out that his Mum cut out Ultraman and kept it in the fridge for him so he could see whenever he wanted - makes my day!

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