Saturday, September 25, 2010

Swirls on Choc

A 1kg cake smothered in premium swiss chocolate frosting flanked by 2 rows of cupcakes with vanilla frosting lets you enjoy 2 types of frosting with one celebration.

Pink Flames

A dramatic and unique cake with pink flames against a black backdrop. All completely edible!

5 cupcakes spell out the birthday gal's name with even more flames.

I covered the cakeboard with fondant too and gave it an wavy fabric effect to tie the whole design together.

Chelsea's Star Player for 2010 is...

It's sweet that my customer knows so much about the birthday boy and who his 2 favourite players are! So, they are placed in a prime location on the cupcakes!
Edible frosting sheet is perfect when you want the exact image as decoration for your cake.

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