Monday, August 8, 2011


Tried to follow the pictures given by my customer as closely as possible and I'm pleased with the results!

All totally edible using fondant to create the buttons, keys and knobs.


A sculpted cake covered in fondant to look like the Ferrari F430.

Hot Hunk at the Beach

Shells are also made of fondant so is edible as well!

Black & White

Picture provided by my customer. It was a nice black and white picture so in keeping with this style I added simple red words and used the same chocolate frosting to pipe a simple border around the picture.

Justin Bieber

Just like the cake before, this cake is also decorated using an edible frosting image.

Blue Baby Shower

The Mum-to-be loves horses so I suggested having a little baby boy riding a rocking horse. Cake is airbrushed for a nice sheen effect that is best seen at night.

It's fun making a piece of fondant look like a baby blanket complete with creases and folds!

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