Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ipad & Angry Birds

The little girl loves playing Angry Birds on the Ipad so here's an Ipad cake for her to enjoy on her birthday!

Some angry birds have come out of the game to celebrate this special day with her :)

Zebra stripes for a Sweet 16

Cake is covered in fondant and decorated with lots of silver and white shooting stars.

The birthday girl wanted to incorporate pink into the design and the cake looks more fashionable with it!

Sitting on a Football

Based on a design I did previously for an adult, this cake is for a young boy who is an Arsenal fan.

Square cake is covered with buttercream and piped with buttercream to look like grass. The half-round football is cake covered with fondant.


Cake is covered with fondant then decorated with fondant to look like Megamind.


Cake is covered with buttercream then decorated with edible frosting sheet and some fondant stars.

Transformers again

For the same birthday boy, this is a bigger cake done in this rectangle format to suit the picture that was chosen.

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