Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hand-sculpted fondant tulips... his' wife's favourite flower is surrounded by fondant butterflies in a garden setting

Delicate tulip petals

Super big cake!

A 10kg cake to celebrate a medley of achievements! Logos are printed on edible sheets to capture the exact details of the awards.

Purple all the way...

When less is more... sides are piped with 3 different shades of purple in a wavy design - time consuming but the result is worth it!

Celebrating 90 years!

A grand birthday celebration for a grandpa. Surrounded by lots of big baby cupcakes to satisfy eager sweet tooths while the main cake is cut and served.

Shooting stars...

Grandpa - you're my star! Fondant stars are shooting from the cake for a dramatic impact.

Wavy design piped with lots of stars in 3 shades of blue.

For a golf fan

Sculpted golf course complete with pond and little hill...

...handmade fondant golfer ready to take a swing

Congratulations Citibank!

Congratulations! A fireworks of stars to celebrate!

Happy Anniversary IKANO!

An elegant 10kg cake to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Edible printed Malaysian and Swedish flag.

Celebrating 40 years of marriage...

A solid sugar "40" for a happy couple's anniversary. Lots of hearts shooting from the cake to signify the love they have for each other.

Sweet roses...

Handmade marzipan roses

Fondant finish

Fondant covered cake with fondant decorations - less susceptible to the warm weather as compared to buttercream frosting.

For someone who loves fish!

A holey cake! Cute little fish swimming around, inside and on top of the buttercream covered cake.