Sunday, November 30, 2008

Barbie Mariposa

...with fondant covered cake "skirt" with a glittery look.

Pretty flower necklace...

... butterflies in her hair


Pocoyo celebrates his birthday with Elly, Patu, Loula and Sleepy Bird.

Pocoyo loves his giant gift!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon with her "candle" sword.


Ultraman wishing little Ajith Happy Birthday with his trademark pose.

Sweet pink!

Pretty in pink...

... complete with a pink cat, Husna's favourite animal and colour.

Snails & Turtles

Keith loves turtles and snails so I designed this garden pond theme with a few extras such as mushrooms and ladybirds which he ended up loving as well!

Little ladybirds marching up the side of the cake.

Bob the Builder

Bob the builder on his cake-tractor scooping up edible dirt! (chocolate and marshmallows)


A giant ladybird! (Fondant covered cake)


Nemo and friends... starfish, fish, shark, seahorses, oyster and turtle.

Mummy and baby seahorse

How much is that doggy in the doghouse?

Piped with buttercream to resemble the little girl's favourite soft toy.

Cathy's 1st Birthday!

My daughter's 1st birthday in 2007! The "1" is handmade with a hole in the centre to hold a big candle.

Little Patrik is one of her first soft toys - she had fun trying to touch his tail during the photo taking session.