Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Buy 10, Free 1

For customers who order in bulk, here's a special promotion for you to consider. For cashew nuts and pineapple tarts, I get much more savings if I buy these raw ingredients in bigger volume so I will pass those savings to you!

1. Pineapple Sweeties
RM12 - oval box
RM25 - square box
Pineapple is "wong lai" in cantonese which sounds like "prosperity come" ("wong" = "prosperity", "lai" = "come")

2. Salted Cashews
RM16 - oval box
RM33 - square box
The shape of the cashew nut symbolizes the ancient chinese gold ingot!

Seeing red...

A pretty red fabric bag with velvety textured pattern - a fast way to dress up your gift when you go visiting!

One square box of yummies inside...
(with room for some mandarin oranges too!)

Two oval boxes of yummies inside...
(also with room for some mandarin oranges too!)

Two square boxes of yummies inside...
(can probably add 2 mandarin oranges too!)

Six oval boxes of yummies inside...
(only a few tiny mandarins can fit in here too...)

As easy as 1-2-3!

RM5.50 each for total purchases below RM100
RM4.50 each for total purchases RM100 and above
RM3.50 each for total purchases RM300 and abov
while stocks last, please order by 8 Jan 2009