Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Order deadline : 8 Jan 2009

Time for family reunions...
Giving & receiving ang pows...
Visiting relatives & friends!

When visiting, it is customary to present the hosts with mandarin oranges ("kam" = gold) and sweet treats to wish the hosts a prosperous and sweet new year.

So, here's some yummy COOKIES, NUTS and CAKES & CUPCAKES for you to share with your loved ones!

2 sizes available, an oval box and a square box. Filled to the brim without any bubble wrap, you really get a box full of yummies!

Oval box is 16cm x 9cm x height 4cm
Square box is 10cm x 10cm x height 12cm


Vanilla Bites
Scented with vanilla, this cookie is for those who like it simple!

RM9 - Oval box
RM19 - Square box

Peanut Bites
Chopped peanuts make this a crunchy treat that’s a little different from the traditional ground peanut cookies.

RM10 - Oval box
RM21 - Square box

Choc Bites
Some like their cookies without nuts and this is the one for you!

RM10 - Oval box
RM21 - Square box

Pineapple Sweeties
A buttery light crisp tart shell encasing the pineapple jam. This is my 2nd best seller and I get requests for it even after CNY!

RM12 - Oval box
RM25 - Square box

Almond Chocs
The best selling cookie! It’s light, crunchy and filled with almonds and chocolate chips – a favorite with adults and children alike.

RM12 - Oval box
RM25 - Square box

Cashew Crunchies
A light cookie topped with half a cashew nut, this cookie is a favorite among my non-chocoholic customers!

RM14 - Oval box
RM29 - Square box

Macadamia Chocs
For those who like macadamias, this extravagant chocolate chip cookie has a piece of macadamia nut crowning a cookie bursting with nuts and chocolate chips.

RM16 - Oval box
RM33 - Square box

Cranberry Chewies
US dried cranberries not only lend this cookie a delightful chewy texture but look so pretty with the berries embedded in the golden brown cookie.

RM16 - Oval box
RM33 - Square box


I roast the nuts myself without using any oil and adding only a touch of salt or sugar to bring out the natural flavour of the nuts - much healthier for you and just as delicious! Just open the lid and it's ready to serve with a can of beer or glass of wine!

Salted Pistachios (with shells)
RM15 - Oval box
RM30 - Square box

Salted Cashews
RM16 - Oval box
RM33 - Square box

Candied Almonds
RM16 - Oval box
RM33 - Square box

Spicy Cashews & Almonds
RM17 - Oval box
RM35 - Square box

Salted Macadamias
RM30 - Oval box
RM65 - Square box


Cakes and cupcakes are also perfect gifts as I can decorate it with a chinese new year theme.

Just click here to go to the menu to choose the cakes or cupcakes that you want.

91 cupcakes with Cherry Blossom design for a big CNY party last year!

just drop me an email by 8 January 2009 (Thursday)
with the following information:
1. Your handphone number
2. The quantity you would like for your chosen cookies and nuts
3. Your preferred pick up date (please choose from 21, 22 or 23 Jan 09)