Friday, January 9, 2009

Thanks a bunch!

In the midst of compiling all the orders with a big smile on my face!

Many thanks to all who ordered!

With last year's experience fresh in my mind, I decided not to wait until the order deadline to get my ingredients. So, earlier today, I rushed around and got all the things I needed! What a surprise - no major out of stock... when one supplier was out of flour, I manage to buy from another one.

Had a few extra orders today so will just buy the extra needed then it's non-stop baking for me.

My cookie baking stops on 21 January so that still leaves me plenty of time to do cakes or cupcakes or brownies that you can pick up from me on the eve of CNY to share with your loved ones.

Most cakes & brownies last for 3 days at cool room temperature which is great since I know most families will have their fridges stuffed with CNY goodies! Only the carrot walnut & macadamia suji needs to be in the fridge the day after you get the cake from me. Then if your fridge has space, it's always nice to have a light cream filled sponge cake - strawberry mascarpone, tiramisu or chocolate mousse.

Cafe Latte Walnut cake with minimum frosting decoration

Chocolate cake, again with just a little frosting of cherry blossom design

Click here to see the cake menu!


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