Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thanks Audrey. The cupcakes were a big hit.
Wonderful taste and smell as well.

Everybody at the party loves the cake & the cupcakes, The deco is amazingly beautiful. Alex and Amelia still keeping the Swampfire and Belle. They are so proud of their cakes that you made them the happiest birthday kids. The adults are asking for your namecards, good that Candice have them and was passing them around....the kids are full of envy of the cake decorations. The girls are fighting over to keep the princesses..hahah. Amelia decided to gave away the mermaid to her best friend Eve, and Aurora to her cousin sister and kept Belle to herself.
Thank you very much! It was a blast!

Just a short one with a pic of the "keratan rentas" view of the lovely cake for Danielle. Everyone LOVED it!
My family LOVED the cupcakes too, thank you soooo much! Please continue doing this, you're really very good at it!

Well, everyone was so amused by the cupcakes - it was so cute. Everybody was so busy taking photos that they forgot to eat:)

Hi Audrey, the cake arrived safely in PD and still taste yummy. Both of them love the cake and even all the guest at the hotel restaurant was admiring the your cake. We enjoyed the party and the cake!!!!.
Many Thanks Audrey, see you in the next order.

Just to let you know the kids like their photos on the cake very much (they ate back their own respective picture) and as well as the wall-e picture .. hehehe.
As for the cake itself, the adults like the taste very much as well, may have future orders from them for other occasions ;)

Yes Nicolette loved her cake. Very pretty. Everyone said so. However most guests said it was too sweet. I know you had to make the icing harder with more sugar. So no worries there. BTW I loved it!
See you again in July for jayden's pirate ship cake.

The both love the cake. Ryan loved the green icing so much, he insisted on eating the "Grass" cake!!
Thanks for everything!

Yes everyone liked the cake!
The decoration was really cute and it was hard to cut the cake coz we just kept looking at it hehehe
However, i don't know if this is unusual for you because I felt that the main cake tasted better in terms of moisture compared to the cupcakes.
I.e. the cake was softer whereas the cupcake was just slightly crumbly but overall, still good

I guess at her age, she doesn’t know how to appreciate, but she is curious and keep staring at it though. :)
We are all happy and enjoy with the cake and cupcakes…. I am very satisfied with the cupcakes design actually. That was what I am looking for, variety of design. :)

Hi Audrey, every1 loved d cake. It was a hit! Thank u. U can expect more orders frm my family. I've passed on ur number 2 some of them

yea iggy loves the cake (well he never had a birthday cake b4 ;D) so much! fyi, everyone complimented the choc cake. they loved it!! glad everything was ok. can the elmo b eaten?am keeping it in the fridge tho

Hi, d fondant smileys r smashing! Thank u so much. I truly appreciate ur efforts n kindness in makin it so nice 4 me. My nephew went beserk wid joy

Loved it heaps. The cake was really good! Will definitely come back to you for this kind of novelty cakes.

It was really good, and he kept Elly instead while the other kids took Pocoyo. Unfortunately I only had a slice on the day itself, the rest we took home to my in-laws and that was the last I saw of the cake, probably a good thing since I'm a sucker for choc cakes. So yes, we all liked it Audrey and I've got pics of it too.

yes, Marcus & his frens like the fondant Bob and cars on the cake .. just too nice and not feel like putting into the mouth. I agree too :)

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful cake. Everybody loved it so much that we didnt wanna cut it! :)Love the taste too - not so sweet!My son nearly drooled on the cake instead of blowing the candles, while his hands were slowly creeping to reaching for the 1kg cake - the big mickey face! He definitely loved it.Many thanks for putting much thought and effort on decorating the cake. Loved the color combo as well. I'm very happy with it! Got good reviews from everyone.

My son loves it. He actually smiled the first time he saw the cake!We still keep the rocket fondant in the fridge, the other "4 kids" were eaten by my nieces and nephews already.. hiihhi…The cakes were delicious too..

It was a hit...he loved and it was delicious.The man took gambar to show his anak2. He allowed us to only cut a narrow piece at the back of the, driver took home!Thanks so much...cheers.

They LOVED d cupcakes. Nice 2look at n even nicer 2eat. Still very moist. I was so reluctant 2gv 1each 2d guest. Wantd 2 keep all. Hehe..

I want to thank you for those lovely cupcakes. They are simply delicious! My colleagues were impressed with your art work. They were saying "such pretty cakes how to eat them?" Haha. Many of them took the ones decorated with roses.I prefer the lemon poppyseed than the vanilla cupcakes. Next time, will try out your other cakes:)

My sis LOVED it!!! And yet, she refused to let anyone cut or eat the close up picture of the doggie....

Thank you very much, Audrey, Joelle is very happy and cant wait to share it. She goble one immediately in the car. I like the design very much, haven't have chance to taste the cake yet!Yes, everyone like the cakes, both small and big. And the school children just cant stop rubbing their fingers on the ladybird. Thank you for the fun and joy!

I like yours much better! Taste real good..I kept in the fridge till the party yesterday. It was still moist.

Your cupcakes were lovely and we were the envy of all the other tables! Thank you so much! I'll definitely order cupcakes from you again.

He was so happy the moment he set his eyes on it and wanted to dive in immediately but it was a dinner celebration so he had to wait !!The moment he blew out the candles, the 1st thing he did was sink his teeth into a poor tortoise and then the snails and the toadstool ... so busy eating the deco that he did not take much cake !!

The cakes looks and tasted great. Everyone loved it! Thank u!Yes she was very proud of it :) cldnt wait to show it off to her frens. Well done..! Cheers!

The cake looks good!!!.... My colleagues were having a really good laugh and can't wait for the b'day girl's reaction tonite.... Am looking forward to the revealing and tasting tonite... will be saving that 'perfect' anatomy for Cindy..... hehehe.... Thanks again!!! And appreciate the effort and superb work on the last minute order.... =P

just to let you know that the cake was extremely good!
We had 3 chocolate cakes over the raya festive but yours finished in two days. The one from secret resepi also lasted the following few days. I think it is because of the nice thick chocolate frost you had on the cake.
Wud like to order two of the same one this week and other one next week....