Sunday, December 12, 2010

Different Boxes for Different Folks

6pcs 2" cupcakes covered with yummy chocolate ganache decorated with gold & pearl sprinkles and golden fondant coins...

... the same cupcakes with little daisies for a more girly finish.
Packed in a silver box (6" x 4")

3 cupcakes (mix of 2" and 2.2" diameter) covered with blue buttercream and chocolate ganache. Topped with fondant deco airbrushed in silver or gold - a nice gift all packed up in a plastic box that's easy to handle for the giver and receiver!

9 2.5" cupcakes covered with buttercream then topped with 2D fondant deco and sprinkles for a nice gift during a chinese wedding ceremony.
Packed in a white cardboard box tied with a pretty organza red ribbon.

There are so many packaging options available now that the simplest way for me to propose options are:
1. Venue environment (aircon, windy, hot etc)
2. Number of boxes needed
3. Theme / Favourite colours
4. Preferred style - romantic, modern, simple, ornate, girly, masculine etc
5. Likes - flower, hobby, show, cartoon etc
6. Budget (with a rough $$, I can not only give you different design options but also give you different box options which hold different amount of cupcakes)
7. Roughly how many cupcakes in a box (eg only 1, around 3, 9-12 etc)
8. Any packaging likes / dislikes (eg with ribbon or sticker, plastic, carboard or wooden box etc)

If you are getting more than 10 boxes or want to consider nicer packaging, it is best to start discussions at least 1-2 month in advance so that I can secure the packaging needed.

Then drop me a line here and I'll be happy to share some design options and prices with you!

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