Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skimpy Bikini

My skimpiest bikini to date (at the request of my customer). I did little bows for a little extra detail since there was less "cloth".

Pink & Purple Butterflies

The big butterfly symbolizes the mother and the 3 other butterflies on the top are her husband and 2 daughters! All the other butterflies and ladybirds are her relatives and friends :)

Mahjong Super Win

Cake is covered in fondant then topped with fondant deco handpainted to resemble mahjong tiles.

The birthday lady just pulled a joker ("fei") and wins a full game on a few levels:
1. all the 4 winds - north, south, east and west
2. no flowers
3. has all 4 jokers!!

Bikini with hearts

A triple celebration for 3 beautiful ladies.

Drums with a difference

I never knew drums could look like this until my customer sent me the pix.

The challenge then was to come up with a suitable background so I thought about a groovy upscale bar and got inspired by these colours when searching the web.

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