Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This friendly sweet-tooth lion is surrounded by chocolated rocks and mini cupcakes.

No cake in this lion! It's homemade rice krispies treats using rice krispies and marshmallows. Yummmmm... crunchy, chewy with a nice vanilla flavour.
Body was coated in candy-melts (tastes like chocolate) and the kids just loved it.

Peppa Pig

Cake is covered with buttercream and fully decorated with buttercream. No fondant at all. Exactly as per the customer's requirements.


Covered with fondant, this cow is made to resemble the blanket-cow that the little boy likes.

My Little Pony

All decorations handmade using fondant. It was nice making the rainbow and pony!


An edible frosting image of the birthday girl's favourite band. Did a simple background for this budding teenager.

Easter Bunny

Decorated completely in buttercream, this bunny took quite a bit of time to draw out and pipe but the results are worth it!

Mickey Mouse

A buttercream covered cake decorated to match the party theme.

Pretty Kitty

Cat is "drawn" using buttercream and a spatula.

Disney Princesses

Hello Kitty

Edible frosting sheet of Hello Kitty is framed with matching fondant flowers.

I Want That Acorn...

Cathy enjoyed making the rocks for her own birthday cake and I enjoyed making the cracks look more realistic on the cake!

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